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Nothing makes us happier than putting together a design that really speaks.

We wholeheartedly believe that good design can help fulfil you.

That the immediate and lasting happiness of owning something beautiful,

something that is ‘just you’, or giving something that is ‘just them’,

is incomparable.

Design can tell your story.

Design can speak to you, of you and for you.

Design can make you whole, in the middle.

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I’ve always loved designing and making,

but had never thought it was something that real people got to do full time.

After having our first baby, I found myself dabbling with papercut cards, totally fell in love with the process of making stuff with holes in…and before I knew it, Whole in the Middle was born!

I was honoured to be Highly Commended in the Country Living Kitchen Table Talent Awards

in 2012, and have been lucky enough more recently to leave my ‘proper’ job,

to fulfil these little design dreams.

I work out of my small studio in Lancashire, just a stone’s throw from the beach,

and am ably supported by a wonderful collection of friends and family.

It makes me light up knowing that our designs are loved by customers and recipients –

that we’ve had a (very) small part to play in some of your best moments.

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